“Elle gave me my very first reading, and I wouldn’t sure what to expect but she blew me away! Elle has helped me with a few rough patches in my life. She really has helped with my anxiety  and has helped guide me in the right direction in life. She’s super sweet. Whenever I have a reading with her I feel like I’ve known her for years. She just makes you feel SO comfortable. I seriously appreciate her and her gift! I would 100 percent recommend her to anyone! Thank you Elle!” – Brittney, Kitchener️

“Elle completely blew me away with my reading. I have never had a tarot reading before and felt stuck at crossroads. She knew things that no one should have. The reading was very in depth, very personal and left me pretty speechless. I left the reading a true believer in her gift, with a solid understanding of what choices lay before me. She is truly gifted and a beautiful soul for sharing it with us. I tell everyone about her and will give her readings as gifts from here on out. Everyone should have the benefit of her readings.”
– Heather, Kitchener

“Elle has helped me with my eldest son’s struggles. She has given me much to think about with regard to his anxiety. I have more ideas as to how to support him, and greater perspective of the issues that torment him.  Thanks for your insight, Elle!”
– David, Kitchener

“I have received a handful of readings from Elle and each time she blows me away. She is very intuitive as well as genuine, friendly, and something about her personality is therapeutic. She is spot on with her readings and has provided me great relief from some struggles going on in my life. I highly recommend her!” – Steph, Kitchener

“I have known Elle for a number of years and she has always been naturally intuitive and clairvoyant.  She has done multiple readings for me to help me through different aspects of my life and the readings absolutely blew me away – they were all extremely accurate.  Not to mention, Elle is also a very genuine and caring person.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tarot reading!” – Dee, Toronto


“I have gone to Elle for many readings to help me through some difficult personal decisions. She has always been very intuitive and empathic to provide me with great advice. I especially appreciate her sensitivity to my personal thoughts and views. I will continue seeing Elle as my advisor and will recommend her to anyone!” – Scott, Mississauga

“Elle’s tarot reading really helped me get through one of the biggest emotional rut I’ve ever experienced. Not only did she have a good understanding of my situation, she was empathetic. I feel like she told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to help myself through that period of my life. It was comforting and empowering. Thank you!”  – Wing, Toronto

“I have known Elle for many years and she has done a number of readings for me. She has always made me feel very comfortable, especially when discussing sensitive issues.  Every reading I’ve had with Elle has given me a greater understanding of myself and my personal challenges. She is very intuitive, personable and highly skilled. Given her warm demeanor I would recommend her to anyone looking for a warm, insightful and personalised reading!”  – Julia, Mount Forest

“Elle has done a number of readings for me. I keep coming back to her because she is so  thorough and consistently accurate. She is very professional, and her kind spirit makes you feel very comfortable. You will walk away in awe.” -Naz, Toronto