white owl mystic arcana

The White Owl Mystic Arcana is a self-published oracle deck made from a collection of images created during a focused period of self discovery and alignment with the universe. Each image was created during intuitive creative processes and during the time of year in which it’s energies were potent. Images found on each card were researched to showcase the relationships to the zodiac, colour systems, tarot, geological formations, along with flora and fauna correspondences.

Each piece is a personal discovery in symbols and correspondences. The deck began and grew from a fascination with how one can bridge astrological/ archetypal ideas, creative symbolism, and intuitive practice. Each piece was created digitally using composite images.

Here, every image is carefully catered to provide both taste and symbolism. High quality black and white images are skillfully layered with the most pleasing colour palettes. Everything blends seamlessly into one coherent and visually appealing whole.

Each image is both simple and glamorously adorned, resulting in a powerfully feminine aura. It celebrates beauty and all the emotions that beauty encompasses.

Wing, Indie Deck Review

First and foremost Elfie , White Owl Mystic is an ARTIST , you can tell that the second you choose to purchase and open her White Owl Mystic Oracle Deck that will help you witness the clarity and divine messages from deep within. Once you get a chance to witness not only the magical , mysterious and yet zestfully playful deck , you will find yourself deeply witnessing the layers of each card and the multiple layered messages within your own consciousness

Her art is active meditation, her works of art truly channels information and messages and is a tool each of us can use as we consciously choose to work with her amazing deck !! This deck truly holds space for us to learn to understand ourselves , ground ourselves in trusting ourselves as well as giving clarity in situations where we may have questions .

Rebekah Hallaert, Inner Sage Therapies

The White Owl Mystic Arcana is available via Elfie’s Etsy shop or at the following locations:

The Hive + Grove, Kitchener, ON
Dundee Arts Collective, New Dundee, ON
Bishop Botanicals, Collingwood, ON
Inner Sage Therapies, Little Prarie, BC
Mindful Hookup, Saint Albans, VT
Juju Metaphysical Shop, Pittsburgh, PA
Phoenix + Lotus, Salem, MA
The Woo Shop, Puslinch, ON
The Witch’s Fix, Hamilton, ON

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