Individual Psychic Readings $50.00
Psychic readings may help to gain insight towards personal, worldly and spiritual concerns. They can be both predictive and meditative. I pride myself in helping my clients gain clarity through their psychic readings. My main goal is to assist my clients in finding their true path. Skype and phone readings available. Inquire for more details.

Untitled-2pppPrivate Parties and Events
Pricing listed for Waterloo Region. For other areas please contact.
Individual Readings $30.00
Flat Party Rate $90 per hour





Individual Mediumship Readings $50.00
Mediumship allows us to contact past loved ones through spirit communication. Through my mediumship readings I am able to connect with the other side in order to offer insight into our current life.




Individualized Ritual Kits $20 – $40
Magick is a tool that can help us overcome obstacles and manifest positivity in our lives. I pride myself on creating individualized ritual kits to help my clients find peace and happiness through the use of magick.




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