White Owl Mystic will be launching her originally designed and published oracle deck the White Owl Mystic Arcana. In addition to launching her deck, she is also featuring Kate Cox, local artist, who is launching her online website dedicated to her creative practices in the community. You can check out the site at, or on instagram @foxy_coxie or @hazy.details

Come by to celebrate local artistic initiatives and for some coffee, beer, psychic readings and good music! Grab your free tickets here.



Join us in our weekly intuition sessions. Discover intuitive techniques, practice on others, access your inner knowledge to improve your life and learn about intuition tools.

Each course runs for four weeks each month of the summer and costs $120 to enroll. June, July and August courses are available.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA(04) 902 1478 927


Kitchener’s very own holistic and alternative healing market. Join White Owl Mystic and other vendors for a night of magick, healing and holistic health.

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Join me at Waterloo’s first annual Holistic Healing Fair.
Saturday July 7 2018 from 10 – 4
Sunday July 8 2018 from 10 – 4
Our free admission event will be at the beautiful location of The Inn of Waterloo featuring 50+ unique Holistic and Wellness Vendors!

The Holistic Healing Fairs were created to educate and inspire our local community to grow more conscious of their daily habits, for a better common future. Together we will share the importance of self-care, self-love and all of the amazing services that are available to them.
Attracting attendees of all ages and walks of life, the Holistic Healing Fairs are a creative way to network and market to a specific audience wishing to learn more about bettering their lives. Each attendee is interested in holistic health, wellness and seeking positive change.



The K-W Health & Wellness Expo connects our community to a variety of 45+ health and wellness vendors that are eager to share information on various health, wellness & lifestyle related topics! Join me on June 16 at RIM Park!

Admission is free, but we would welcome a $5 donation to our non-profit organization! For more information visit

KITCHENER TAROT MEET UPmeetup_icon-icons-com_67080

Join my Kitchener Tarot Meet Up group and come participate in monthly workshops and activities related to tarot and other divination tools.

All levels of experience are welcome.


Introduction to Tarottarot-1
This course is designed to help you discover and understand how to use the beautifu
l tool of the tarot. Discover the meanings behind the cards and learn how to read for yourself and others with confidence and preceptiveness. You will learn about different tarot spreads, the symbols behind the tarot, establish a knowledge of the cards.This course is intended to help build a foundation that will equip you well so you man to begin your journey of self-discovery.





Discovering Intuition
Intution is part of a healthy path of personal discovery. Each person has access to
inner knowledge to them move forward in your life. We all have the answers to the questions we have about our lives. This course is designed to help you understand and tap into your own intuition and psychic abilities. You will develop trust and confidence in your capability of reading yourself an others while discovering your own inner wisdom. We will be working with various divination tools and techniques, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentinence, pendulums, scrying, meditation and psychometry to name a few. The course will help to build a foundation for you to continue to explore your intuition and psychic abilities.




journalingCreative Meditation & Art Journaling
Learn creative and artistic skills and techniques while exploring meditation and inuitive teachniques. This course is designed to help give you time and space to explore your creative intuition through art journalling. We will explore concepts like mandalas, guided imagery, creative visualisation white practicing various illustration, painting, printmaking and collage artistic techniques. Come focus on yourself and reach new inner mindfulness through art journaling processes.