Tarot divination has been used for centuries and is saturated with symbolism. All readings are done with tarot and oracle cards, but are based on individual client needs. The deck used often relates to intuitive cues I receive prior to the reading. Using the tarot can help you gain insight towards your current life situation by using images that express collective unconscious and archetypal ideas. In order to ensure you are present and mindful during readings they can be recorded so you can revisit the advice at a later date. You will also get a custom hand-typed channeled poem that summarizes the message in your reading mailed to you.

Cost Per 1/2 hr Session: $50
Cost Per 1 hr Session: $100

Elfie completely blew me away with my reading. I have never had a tarot reading before and felt stuck at crossroads. She knew things that no one should have. The reading was very in depth, very personal and left me pretty speechless. I left the reading a true believer in her gift, with a solid understanding of what choices lay before me. She is truly gifted and a beautiful soul for sharing it with us. I tell everyone about her and will give her readings as gifts from here on out. Everyone should have the benefit of her readings.

HEATHER, Waterloo, ON