private + public school teaching

After finishing my graduate thesis, I began to realise that I wanted to have more of a human impact on the world. The world of architecture, although rich with large-scale possibility, became difficult to navigate. I worked with a few public space organizations like the Toronto Public Space Committee and the Yonge Street Heritage Association, but the fruits of the initiatives left me wanting more.

I decided I would embark on a new career where I would be working with youth to help instill change in our future. The idea came from wanting to create a long lasting impact, and what better way then to help shape our futures with the leaders of tomorrow. I attended York University, working primarily with elementary school children.

portrait of me drawn by one of my elementary students

During my experiences I realised the vast disparity in the cultural and social capital available to the breadth of demographics in the Greater Toronto Area. I worked in low-income neighbourhoods creating art programming along with private art lessons to children in more affluent neighbourhoods.

I then began working both in a private highschool teaching art and media and English as a second language at a private international school. These experiences opened my eyes again to the gap in available resources to our marginalized populations. As I moved into the public school system, these issues became more and more clear, as classrooms were often made of a mixed bag of demographics. My experience in both of these systems made my decision to become an independent artist and educator very clear. The systems that we’ve relied upon weren’t doing it for me, so I wanted to change something.


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