soul portraits

As part of my training and research I have developed a skill that allows me to express and connect with the subtle body, or subconscious/unconscious and transcribe it into creative art pieces. I believe my divination tools have emotional healing capacity and can offer energy calibration for those in need. While you sit and listen to messages from the collective unconscious, I will create an art piece that is intuitively driven. I have given these exercises the name of Soul Portraits.  At the end of the session you will take home your unique art piece for reference. In order to ensure you are present and mindful during readings they can be recorded so you can revisit the advice at a later date.

Cost Per Session: $200

Copyright 2018 Elfie Kalfakis

I had the pleasure of a channeled drawing session with Elfie. Elfie did an amazing job of facilitating and energetically creating a safe circle before beginning. She was clear and concise in her delivery, held in compassion. As a highly sensitive individual, the importance of self respect I felt in her and the respect I was given was something that I never felt from intuitives/light-workers/healers before. I have now experienced what true integrity is in this kind of work

YASMIN, Cape Town, South Africa

Instead of using cards {which she is also greatly proficient in}, Elfie channels her messages through creation – painting, cutting & pasting, drawing all while telling you what is coming through. I received the final result via mail once it was complete…her magick is undeniable. Her creative talents and abilities cross all mediums in a very cohesive and authentic way that seem so effortless and true to her soul…Elfie is a true creative spirit with her third eye open.

NICOLE, Collingwood, ON
This is an image of a channeled art piece I created for a client which she then had tattooed onto her arm as part of her sleeve design.