collectively empowered

Collectively Empowered is a community art project designed and created by Elfie Kalfakis, known by her moniker White Owl Mystic. The project is installed in various woman-owned establishments throughout the Waterloo Region, and is funded by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. It aims to cultivate a sense of community, deliver a message of empowerment and showcase the power of the arts through multimedia platforms.

Each piece is an intuitively channeled message transcribed from Elfie’s meditation practice. The images illustrate messages of individual and collective empowerment and use symbols from our collective unconscious. The pieces are sacred objects. To amplify the energy of each image, an electrical current is wired into each piece to emit some form of light.

These multimedia pieces will be installed throughout the Waterloo Region. They will also be available to the public through an online platform describing the location of each installation along with each host site. The project hopes to unite women, promote community and illustrate the power of the arts.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the host venues:

  1. The Hive & Grove
  2. Ambrosia Corner Bakery
  3. Harmony Wellness Collective
  4. Queen Street Yoga
  5. Green Base Health
  6. The Causerie
  7. Kundalini Yoga with Kasia Kord
  8. Cowboys & Angels
  9. The Emerald Muse
  10. White Owl Mystic

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