Drawing Divination

Messages come through very vividly for me as visual symbols. Creating illustrations that are a landing point for divine ideas has helped me to develop my craft both as an artist and a healer. Here you will find a collection of images created during meditative trances in hopes to cultivate divine knowledge.  

On Yonge Street

ABSTRACT     Yonge Street is a unique urban resource for the City of Toronto. It acts as the central nervous system uniting local, suburban and out-of-town populations with both surface and underground networks. It has transformed to adapt to fluctuating cultural, social climates and urban development projects. Many fragments can be found both within this major … More On Yonge Street

[De]Constructing the School

  This is a collaborative piece created with artist Lily Swain investigating the frameworks necessary for academic success and personal growth present in traditional instructional models of education as induction versus an unconventional model of education as transformation. The piece is divided into three parts. The first involving an exploration of traditional one room school … More [De]Constructing the School