Subconsious Mapping

The inspiration for this piece came from classic children stories like Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland or Frank Baum and W.W. Denslow’s Wizard of Oz. A child falls into an alternate reality of adventure, left to battle monsters, confront bizarre characters and solve riddles. At the story’s end, the adventure is … More Subconsious Mapping

Ignus Fatuus

ig·nus fat·u·us : A phosphorescent light that hovers or flits over swampy ground at night. The premise of this project was to create a resonant chamber that expressed the acoustical experience of particular song. St. Germain’s song Montego Bay Spleen is a form of modern electronic jazz. A landscape was created using standard sewing pins imbedded … More Ignus Fatuus

Drawing Divination

Messages come through very vividly for me as visual symbols. Creating illustrations that are a landing point for divine ideas has helped me to develop my craft both as an artist and a healer. Here you will find a collection of images created during meditative trances in hopes to cultivate divine knowledge.  

Camera Divination

Working with light and dark makes the camera an excellent tool for calibrating divine messages. I like to use the camera and photo editing processes to create still and moving images that invoke spiritual messages, and capture the ethereal aspects of objects and movement. These images are messages from spirit in a visual language.   … More Camera Divination