Subconscious Mapping

The inspiration for this piece came from classic children stories like Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland or Frank Baum and W.W. Denslow’s Wizard of Oz. A child falls into an alternate reality of adventure, left to battle monsters, confront bizarre characters and solve riddles. At the story’s end, the adventure is merely a fictious dream, not to be taken seriously. This piece attempts to map a subconscious reality experienced through various guided imagery and mediation exercises.

The piece was installed onto the walls of a corridor. It represents a map of various scenes imagined during guided imagery and meditation exercises.  Each scene was created digitally and modeled into a diorama using a foam medium to create a 3-Dimensional effects. The pieces were then brought together using a selection of pushpins connected by strings. Red, green, white and clear pushpins were used to illustrate different types of confrontations found on the map. The position of the strings, pushpins and choice of push pin colour were also placed based on impulsive movements caused while listening to music played during previous meditation exercises. The music used while creating this piece helped connect to an intuitive creative process that was guided by the subconscious.