20180213_142300Elfie began her spiritual path years ago. Her connection to spirit has been a life long relationship which blossomed over the last decade. She is a certified teacher and designer by trade, having accumulated both a Masters in Architecture and Bachelor of Education. She was raised in a Greek Orthodox home and uses a lot Christian ideas in her magickal and spiritual rituals along with astrological, pagan, kabbalistic and various other principles. She prides herself on offering sincere insight through her intuitive readings and healings. Her primary medium during her intuitive sessions is drawing.

She began her path as an intuitive using the tarot. After some extensive shamanic training under a Congolese trained shaman she began to undestand that her instrument of spirit communication is her art. She has since developed her own oracle deck, the White Owl Mystic Aracana, which utilizes some of her artwork that she has refined throughout her spiritual journey.

Elfie’s art is an exploration of the subconsious. In various ways she attempts to map the  spiritual or non-physical worlds. From it’s early beginnings of mapping the spirit fo a place  to her current use of art as a mean of communing with the metaphysical, she attemps to test the divine capacities of artwork.