Hi. My name is Elfie and I created White Owl Mystic in 2016. It is a studio and sacred space inspired by the occult, magick and the human psyche. I offer intuitive reading sessions, magickally inspired art instruction and metaphysical teaching. I have studied astrology and the occult for over 15 years. More recently, with the late shaman and professor, Antonio Gil.

Having grown up in a fairly traditional Greek Orthodox household my path to the occult and mystical practices was one that bloomed later in life. A roommate of mine bought me a deck of tarot cards in my early twenties. After finally opening up the door to these mythological, metaphysical and esoteric ideas which I had largely feared, my curiosity took a deep dive. After learning and researching for a few years in solitary practice, I eventually met Antonio. Born and raised in Cuba, Antonio was a shaman who settled the United States of America and was a retired Spanish professor at the University of Florida. Our ongoing meetings built the foundation for my current intuitive and magickal practice. Through his teaching I began to understand that my vehicle for spirit communication is my art.Messages now come through very vividly for me as visual symbols. Reading patterns in tarot / oracle cards and natal charts while also imagining and creating illustrations, poetry and diagrams is primarily how my intuitive creative practice works. All parts are a landing point for subconscious and collective unconscious ideas.

Professionally, I was trained an architect, obtaining her Masters of Architecture from the University of Waterloo – working as a design intern in Paris, France, Boston, USA and Toronto, Ontario and studied in Rome, Italy. I then obtained a Bachelor of Education and worked in both private and public schools teaching media, design and visual arts. I have owned and operated an art studio in Toronto’s East end, ArtCave. My self-published deck, the White Owl Mystic Arcana, has been sold all around the world. I am currently the resident astrologer at the Community Edition. Click here for more of my creative work.