cosmic forecast + card pull: june 2021

The warm  weather has been a welcomed change from winter. Gardens are starting, parks are green again and of course our vaccine roll out is creating a new level of optimism, and maybe some frustrations too. And this friction between where we want to be and where we are is really indicative of our cosmic energies at the moment. 

With Gemini season underway, we are entering a time of shared experiences. People finally moving out of hibernation to share space outdoors with friends, family or neighbours is a great way to think about this season. It’s a time to share stories, ideas and experiences. It’s a time to learn new things about each other and how the winter was for other folks. It’s a time to share in joy and promise. Summer solstice is just around the corner, so we are anticipating the peak of our daylight hours. We have the summer to look forward to, even though we know it will get dark again. 

We understand that although this is a time of frivolity, there is still a larger picture. Eclipse and retrograde seasons, which I speak of more specifically in my monthly column here, (often occurring in these brighter months), reinforce this idea. Where there is light, there is dark. While we feed our social selves, the inner work of eclipses and retrogrades happens behind the scenes, and therein lies the duality of Gemini.

The card pull for the month also fits the concept of new beginnings, shared joy and lighthearted activities. The three of cups is near the beginning of an emotional cycle. It’s the point in our emotional stories where we realise there is love and learn to share it with others. It’s joyful and focuses on shared experiences. It suggests a playing now and worrying later attitude. With the feelings of isolation winter stirred we are needing some love. And this card suggests, go enjoy yourself! Life is short – summer too!

With the connection to eclipse and retrograde season, this card also suggests that there are tough times ahead, no doubt! The suit of cups is full of challenging emotional situations. However, for now, we’re going to have a drink. And while the moon and sun align and the retrogrades bring about internal cosmic shifts, we can at least be amongst friends and good company.

Sending you lots of love.