cosmic forecast: january 2021

We are welcoming the age of Aquarius folks. The beginning of this year, in fact, the end of 2020, marks the beginning of an age that will welcome transits in the sign of Aquarius, and other air signs. We can anticipate this shift to offer lots of innovative and socially driven thrusts into our human evolution. The next two hundred years the material driven energy of the last two centuries will evolve through social and scientific innovations. 

I’ve found myself saying many times, that our capacity to understand our subconscious and psychological health, in the grand evolution of humanity, is a new concept. I believe our next evolution will bring a stronger understanding of these ‘non-worldly’ and subtle understandings of human existence. This month’s energy asks us to slow down and think. 

Perhaps this is something we’ve been doing the last year. Yes, this past year has been nothing short of exhausting. It has asked us to retreat, for better or for worse. And with the new age upon us, and a new year in fact, it’s a great time to set the stage for our next progression. What do we hope to bring to the next chapter? If we’ve spent the last year learning what we are capable of and the power of collective movement, then we can enter this new phase with some foresight. 

And with our monthly cosmic energies slowing down into earthly signs, (Mars enters Taurus and Venus enters Capricorn) it’s important for us to slow down and take the next little while easy. Mercury, our planet of communication and our minds, is entering Aquarius, so it’s a great time to think about how we will be participating in this next phase. Mercury retrograde begins on January 30, 2021, so it would be a great time to figure out the plan for the next year, before our communication ruler goes inward. 

Hope you all have a great January. Enjoy the rest if you can. 

Lots of love,