Spiritual Intimacy

I had a client who was sexually abused as a child. While doing a reading for her I had channeled the feelings she felt as a young girl who was abused by an older family member. As a child she didn’t understand why (or that) she was being used by another to satisfy an urge or obsession. As an adult witnessing this happening to an innocent child I immediately burst into tears. The level of pain in the reality from that situation was unbearable. I wanted to make it stop. After the reading was over there was a level of awkwardness between her and I. We both understood that something she was never able to truly share with anyone was heard.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. As an intuitive I find myself listening to people confess to their inner most darkest secrets sometimes. Sometimes people don’t understand that this happens during my readings. And of course if they are uncomfortable I always try to ease off or not press the issue. But, what we are lucky enough to experience in readings and other energetic work is spiritual intimacy.


Doing magick, readings and energy work in general requires a level of responsibility. You connect to energy around you. Sometimes this happens unknowingly as well. The problem is that sometimes those connections can go sour. With the sun now in Gemini it is a good time for us to audit those spiritual connections.

What energy do we allow ourselves to connect to? Is this energy serving us? Think of it like a hot air balloon. The balloon cannot rise without the supply of healthy hot air. It requires a specific temperature to help it reach different altitudes on it’s journey. We must assess what energy we require in order to ascend or land. Is the energy your surrounding yourself with serving your greater purpose?

Moreover it is also important that we respect the paths of others. We are always emitting energy in all of our actions and especially intentions. Thinking about where we direct our energy, and in what way, is important both to ourselves (in order to ensure our higher self is aligned), and also to ensure we do not limit others from journey. Learning this dance is key.

Spirituality is not a singular experience. This is why religious communities exist. It is about opening up your heart to experience love in a capacity that is larger than ourselves. It is something that flows through us and between us, similarily to intimate relationships.  Consider the words of Zen teacher, Aitken Rōshi,

“In Zen Buddhism, intimacy is a very important word. In the early Chinese literature of Zen … it was used as a synonym for the … breakthrough that’s more commonly called realization or enlightenment. When you are intimate, you are one with. When you are not intimate, you are in your head.”

Opening up and allowing healing energy, love and understanding to flow between you and others disintigrate boundaries that limit our potential. In these circumstances we surrender to the experience and break down bearers that our egos naturally put up as a means of protecting our vulnerable selves. Overcontrol will breed inauthenticty. Once we allow the walls to fall we are capable of experiencing a new level of intimacy, spiritual intimacy, which will ultimately help each of us to raise our spiritual frequency.



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