From Cave Art to ArtCave

From Cave Art to Art Cave
This project was completed in collaboration with Naz Rahbar and the community surrounding Toronto’s ArtCave. As artists and educators we wereinterested in alternative settings for ART, and the role it plays in society, in our communities, and in our lives as human beings. Our project focused on bridging a gap between cave paintings humans created over 40, 000 years ago and Art today. Today Art is placed within buildings created specifically for its viewing. Art is far removed from our everyday lives.

Through our collective studio space, we aspire to achieve closer connections and create tangible and inclusive experiences through art.

We asked participants to draw their own answers to the question “What would you draw in your cave today?” Submissions were projected onto our studio windows, accompanied by a digital animation, created by ArtCave’s Elfie Kalfakis, that had Palaeolithic cave paintings appear as though they were being drawn for the first time.


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