Reading Preparation Ritual

When I first began reading tarot cards I didn’t really have a specific ritual to prepare for the reading. After a few weeks of really focusing my energy in learning the cards, practicing and immersing myself in the art of the tarot I met Jackie. Jackie was a practicing psychic medium. She had since retired when I met her but, like me, was reading and creating art as part of her psychic practice.

The art studio I owned at the time was visiting a festival. We had a booth where we gave away some flyers on our workshops and classes. I saw Jackie approach the booth. She had long white hair and dressed in a colourful bohemian outfit, as you would expect a stereotypical psychic to look. She spoke to me and asked about some classes and took a flyer. During these events I would see at least a hundred people, but there was something about Jackie that stayed with me. I was left with a really uneasy feeling.

A week later we held an open house. As I was sitting in a chair a woman entered the studio. She looked very familiar. I thought it was Jackie, but her bohemian outfit was gone. He hair was trimmed and she sported a cute little blazer suit with a matching bowler hat. She entered the studio and looked around and then approached me. I told her a little bit about what we did, and then out of the blue she mentioned she was a tarot reader. I immediately replied that I had just recently began working with the cards.

“Yes, about that, you should really say an affirmation before you start a reading,” Jackie replied. I was struck. 
“What do you mean?” I said.
“Well, there are a lot of levels of astral beings out there. Some are higher than us, but some are lower. They are less knowledgable and can be mischievous.”
“Do you mean like dangerous or negative spirits?”
“Not exactly, but it’s important to say an affirmation to ensure you’re communicating with helpful beings. I usually say: I am only ever influenced by the highest evolved beings of the light that love me and wish me well, and of my higher self and my guides,” she told me.
“Wow,” I said, “that’s very helpful. Thank you!”
“Do you want to write it down?” she replied.

I did. She then gave me a pamphlet that explained the tarot a little bit along with how to properly prepare yourself, example affirmations, and read for clients. She left soon after and did not talk to any of my other business partners. I didn’t see her again.


Sometimes these serendipitous moments are coordinated by our guides. There are moments where we need information or guidance beyond our abilities. I feel the universe brought us to each other. After our conversation my approach to readings has changed. I now have a preparation and closing ritual I perform.

Channeling universal energy is key in readings. During readings it can be difficult to stay focused while your clients are asking questions and their energies will impact your energy field. It is extremely important to set an intention for your reading before you begin. Spirit communication can be tricky. When messages are received they are often coded in meaning and sporadic. Attaining, and maintaining, a centred and positive energy is the key element in any successful reading.

In private readings, I will ask my clients to wait outside of the reading room until I prepare. I will usually cleanse the space with sage and/or a frankincense incense. After I will cleanse my cards and any other tools I am using during the reading.

After the space is cleared I then try to focus my own energy with a simple meditation. My preference is to say a prayer/affirmation that shields of any negative or mischievous influences from the reading. I then spend a few moments calming my energies. I focus on visualising a white light surrounding me and when I am ready I invite my client into the room.


Prior to each reading I will often prepare what I call a ‘meditation tea’ of some specific herbs that have metaphysical properties to help in meditation, spirit communication and psychic abilities:

Gotu Kola: In my brew I used gotu kola to aid in meditation focus. It also helps in psychic development.

Marigold: Marigold has been smoked in combination with tobacco when peyote was eaten and it may be drunk as a tea to promote visions. It is also said that Marigold helps to open doors of communication with spirits.

Ginger: Ginger is a bit of a catalyst. It helps any intent to come to fruition faster. In the case of readings it helps to find and clarify messages promptly.

Juniper: In my most recent brew I added some juniper berries mostly out of curiosity. It’s said to help protect against negativity, as most herbs are.

After my clients have left I will close each reading with a short prayer thanking my guides and the angels for their messages and assistance in the process.


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