My godfather died. After a long two-year battle with cancer on October 19, 2016, my godfather died surrounded by family. I was lucky enough to be in the room when it happened, as surreal as it was. I have been interested in magic for as long as I could remember, and only recently did I find out that my godfather was also a mystic. He was born in Xeros, Cyprus in 1948, and immigrated to Canada at 24 years old. Given the religious culture our Greek-Cypriot family he kept his gifts quiet, only sharing his interests with my godmother.

Like my godfather, I too have been pretty discrete about my interests and pastimes. Only recently have I opened up to my family about my spiritual practices. During one of my conversations with my godmother after my godfather’s passing I mentioned to her how I have been practicing magic and divination for many years. After sharing this with her she said something to me that I will hold with me forever. She told me I received my gifts from my godfather. He was a very gifted psychic and mystic and he used to say that I and one of his daughters had inherited his abilities.

To be fair, I do believe we all have the ability to channel the power of the universe, but like I say to my students, some things come more easily to others. We are all capable. It’s like a muscle; the more you excercise, the easier it will come. We just need to pay closer attention to universal signs.

abracadabra-212x300Since his death I was consistently finding myself confronted with the term and spell abracadabra. I would see it everywhere. Until now I was never really aware of its magical significance. Abracadabra is commonly known to be used in stage magic tricks, but actually has esoteric value and tradition behind it. In the past it was considered to be a powerful healing spell used in the Roman empire. The first known use of the word was found in a book from the third century, Liber Medicinals written by a Roman sage, Serenus Sammonicus. The word would be written repeatedly in an inverted pyramid on a piece of parchment. Each line would remove one letter. The parchment was then worn by the ill. Just as the word would remove a letter with each line, the illness would also slowly be released from the body of the ill.

It’s unlikely that Sammonicus came up with the word on his own and it is thought to have been in use before then. There are a couple of theories as to where it might have ultimately come from. First, it could have been derived from the equally magical word “abraxas” whose letters, in Greek numerology, add up to 365—the number of days in the year. It could be that early sages thought this was a powerful word and somehow created “abracadabra” out of it and turned it into a “cure.”

Alternatively, the word might be derived from the Hebrew words for “father, son, and holy spirit”: “ab, ben, and ruach hakodesh” respectively. Perhaps more intuitively, it could be derived from and Aramaic phrase “avra kadavra.” Harry Potter fans will likely know that this is what JK Rowling used when she was coming up with the killing curse “avada kedavra.” In an interview, she stated that the original phrase meant “let the thing be destroyed,”  which would suit the cure-theory well; abracadabra was written to “destroy” the sickness. – from Today I Found Out

After my godfather’s passing I fell very sick, I was in bed for three full days complete debilitated. I looked for a new healing spell that would knock this terrible fever and cold I had, and lone behold, the first spell in my newly purchased Spellbook by Sky Alexander was the Abracadabra spell. The universe obviously wanted me to perform this spell, so I did. After a day my fever and cold went from debilitating to gone, luckly.


Now why mention this? Aside from the interesting magickal origins of a common pop cultural reference, I believe it to be more importantly, to me, a trigger. Some of us go through life trying to find enlightenment, epiphanies and moments where we connect to a greater purpose. However, most of these transitions will occur often enough during mundane tasks. And as mundane as it was, after performing this abracadabra spell I began to feel this sense of transition. I felt my magical energies had increase and a greater sense connection with my late godfather. The spell may have removed my cold, but the act also helped me gain a stronger spiritual connection with him. My readings became more accurate, my clairvoyance and claircognicance stronger, my intuition heightened and general confidence in magic.


Maybe it is all hocus pocus for some, but as I’ll say time and time again, it’s all about intent. And although I may not have had a spiritual relationship with him while he was living, I believe the relationship I’m forming with my late godfather now while he’s in a new world, can be just as powerful.


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